Who We Are

Coach Nichole Rouse

Coach Nichole Rouse was born and raised in South Jersey and moved to Central Florida in 2017. She possesses more than 20 years of competitive softball playing, training and coaching experience. She has played pitcher, third base, and first base in her softball career, and has received numerous defensive and offensive awards. Her playing experience includes playing at the Division II level, and playing for one of  New Jersey's most elite travel organizations. 

With Coach Nichole's love of the game and passion, she has committed herself to empower and teach future generations of young softball players. She is dedicated to not only enhancing each player’s softball skills, but also to equip them with the mental skills to be successful on and off the playing field. It is Coach Nichole's belief that the mental game of our sport, along with a strong focus on conditioning takes precedence when cultivating successful athletes. 

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Youth Sports Performance Specialist Coach Nichole focuses on designing programs for her athletes to target physical and mental peak performance. In 2018 Coach Nichole set out to find a way to hold athletes more accountable for work outside of lessons and practice, and behold the Fastball Fit App was born! 

The Fastball Fit App was originally created to send pitching and hitting students weekly checklists of skills and drills that needed to be completed, but quickly turned into so much more! Now the app is used daily by over 50 athletes and growing, to complete various strength, speed, agility, and conditioning programs tailored to their specific age and skill level. Athletes are held accountable for all workouts through a detailed tracking system, where their coaches can monitor their progress. The best part, all the workouts are accessed right from any phone or tablet!

Fastball Fit App